Discontinued Collections

The following is a list of collections being closed out.  We may still have limited stock in some patterns and colors.

If you are interested in a specific item or would like information on our close-out program please Contact us.

Collections being closed out are also available for purchase at promotional discounts.  Please sign into your client account to see latest pricing and stocking information. 

Collections Being Closed-Out: 

 The following collections are discontinued collections:

 Aspen Pearson
Casanueva Prefontaine
Chilton Remmington
Clair Pointe Rialto
Concerto Ritz
Fallkirk Rockwater
Firestone Rosborough
Glendon Salisbury
Highland Seaton
Imperial South Bank
Inspiration Summit
Manor Symphony
Merano Thompson
Milestone Thornbury
Narita Trenton
Paloma Whitehall
Updated May 5th, 2021